Service - Gas Turbines/Retrofits

We are experts in:
  • Complete control system design and development
  • Hook-up and commissioning services for Solar Turbines, Pratt and Whitney, General Electric and Siemens combustion turbines
  • Retrofits and installation
  • System integration for control and data acquisition solutions on utilities, power and water
  • Retrofit audits on existing control systems

Service - AVR Retrofit and Commissioning

We provide commissioning and testing on Basler DECS 200, 300, SEPAC and IEN P 100C-SX automatic voltage regulation systems.

Training & Development

Development and delivery of effective product training after commissioning is a key element in the success of Dynamic Controls Canada Inc.

Our training and development specialty is the integration of the various vendor technical manuals and documentation you may have into one comprehensive training program.

Our approach is top-down and gives the student an overview of the process and the technical solution implemented.

Global Positioning

A world wide network of clients and projects including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, Georgia, Singapore, Malaysia, Libya, Egypt, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil and Panama.


Dynamic Controls develops both generator and gas turbine control systems and supplies engineers for start up of both new and retrofitted power plants worldwide.

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