Machine Analytics

  • Do you want to use your machine operation data to improve your process?
  • Do you want to understand your company's OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)?
  • Do you want to utilize your assets to their maximum capability?
  • Are you looking for patterns in your downtime/alarms data?
  • Do you want to compare the performance of two identical machines or processes?
  • Do you want to predict that a process quality is moving out of tolerance?
We have developed methods to collect operation data over any communication link: EtherNet, DeviceNet or ControlNet and log the performance data into a database. We will help you answer all the above questions and more by providing a standard or customized SCADA dashboard (desktop, laptop or mobile). Automatic reports can be generated and sent via email.

FEED Automation

  • Do you want a business case for your automation project?
  • Do you want to know the probability for success of your automation project?
  • Do you to want to visualize your automation project through 3D modelling & simulation before its execution?
  • Do you want the resources to successfully execute installation, operational and performance qualifications?
We have developed in-house techniques based on the holistic principle of Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) automation project development. We complete your project from conception to commissioning: data collection, value stream mapping, automation concept development with 3D modelling, business case development, installation, operational and performance qualifications.

Automation Retrofits

We have an in-house Rockwell Automation certified programmer and provide the following services:
  • PLC-5 migration and retrofits
  • Rockwell PLCs/VFDs/Servos programming
  • Rockwell HMI/SCADA programming
  • Schneider HMI/SCADA programming
  • Cognex vision system
  • Autodesk Inventor/SolidWorks 3D modelling
  • Automation consultancy and control system design


An effective and reliable interface between a robot and the product ensures the success of a robotic integration project. Our team has experience in providing innovative, cost-effective and reliable robotic solutions.

For all our robotic solutions we partner with Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Robots as they are equipped with class-leading speed and precision capabilities. Coupled with intelligent options like 3D vision force sensing, seamless PLC integration and backed by the industry's best initial warranty, Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Robots provides the robots required for today's demanding manufacturing applications.


We work on Machine Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Rockwell Automation, SCADA, Servo Motion Control, PowerFlex Drive, Mitsubishi Robots, Automation Retrofits, FEED Automation Project Development and 3D process modelling.

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